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5 Reasons Guys Prefer To Date BBWs

Let’s be clear about something: BBW doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means. BBW can incorporate anything from those big-booty girls with a few extra pounds to the kind of girls that could easily beat you in arm wrestle.

BBWs are becoming something of a phenomenon in recent years. While stick-thin supermodels are generally considered to be the epitome of beauty, our Google search results are telling us a lot differently. In fact, searches like ‘BBW dating advice’ is one of the most common adult-related searches of the past five years.

So, what makes BBW girls so appealing to guys? Well, there’s quite a few reasons.

#1 – They’re comfortable with who they are

BBW girls don’t try to conform to anyone else’s standard of beauty. They’re their own person. This means that these kinds of girls are usually more open minded, easy going, and won’t hold you to any similar standard either.

#2 – They aren’t afraid to enjoy life to the maximum

Skinny girls tend to worry about their image so much that it prevents them from going out and enjoying the world. If your image-obsessed girlfriend is having a bad hair day, then there’s no chance of you going out with your friends that night. If she’s worried someone might see her without makeup, then you can forget about that rock climbing trek you were planning.

On the other hand, BBW girls are less likely to care if they get noticed with their hair in a ponytail whilst they’re out somewhere.

#3 – You can forget about counting calories

Ever wanted to grab a quick KFC, but your skinny girlfriend made you grab a salad instead? Well, when you’re dating a BBW girl, the overpriced, mediocre salad bar is bottom of the list on places to eat. In fact, she’ll probably be the one to suggest grabbing a greasy burger or a takeout pizza.

There’s no need to worry about upsetting her by suggesting you get dessert either.

#4 – There’s less pressure to keep in shape yourself

As we get older, our metabolism slows down drastically. This means we put on weight a lot easier. At some point, we tend to say screw it, and then let nature take its course.

If you’re dating an image-obsessed skinny girl, she’s going to pressure you into staying at your physical peak. This means constantly hitting the gym, counting your calories and laying off the booze. This is why BBWs are quite a hit with older guys because this pressure isn’t there. They can lay off the gym for a few weeks and they won’t get an ear-bashing.

#5 – They have better personalities

Imagine something for a second. Picture a skinny Instagram model who has social media pages full of pictures of herself. She clearly loves herself. She thinks the world revolves around her. What do you think she’s going to be like as a person?

Vain? Self-centered? Childish?

All of these and more. On the flip side, BBW girls are more likely to be down to earth, making them easier to talk to. They know they’re not the center of the universe, and this will be reflected in her personality.

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