The world of BDSM wouldn’t be half as fun if not for the endless array of toys which are so synonymous with the scene. Very few BDSM sessions take place without the use of some kind of toy, implement or weaponry involved, as these objects are vital in order to restrain, dominate and ultimately give and receive pleasure.

Let’s look at three toys which are sure to give your bedroom antics a little BDSM spice.  All of the toys mentioned are useful for any level of play, from light bondage right up to heavy spanking. Remember to play safe, and don’t do anything without your partner’s consent.

The spanking paddle

The name says it all. The spanking paddle is a short, wooden implement designed for smacking your partner’s behind when they’ve misbehaved. The beauty of the spanking paddle is that it can be used for any kind of severity. Whether your partner craves a few light spanks or whether they’re yearning for some strict discipline, the spanking paddle can be used for either.

Due to the versatility of the spanking paddle, it provides a great gateway toy for more hardcore BDSM play, if that’s the route you choose to go down.

Blindfolds / handcuffs

While they may seem different on the surface, toys which are used for restraint ultimately serve the same purpose: sensory deprivation.

When we think of BDSM, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the image of someone tied up or restrained. Handcuffs are a particular BDSM favorite because they have a natural association with power and being unwillingly applied (think law enforcement), something which excites both dominants and submissives. Handcuffs are also a visual representation of a complete relinquishment of power by the submissive party and, when applied, they reduce the submissive to a powerless plaything.

When it comes to blindfolds, eliminating the visual sense forces your partner to experience you entirely through their other senses, i.e. taste, sound, touch and scent. Sexual acts will feel differently when the visual sense is removed as it forces the blindfoldee to imagine the act being performed on them, and there is nothing more erotic than the imagination.

Electro sex toys

Electro stimulation (known more commonly as electrosex) is a fairly new addition to the world of sexual exploration. Unlike traditional sex toys which are used primarily in the genital area, electro sex toys provide a completely unique sensation. Instead of a gentle vibration, they inflict a sudden pulse of electrical energy. This energy then takes several seconds in order to disperse, meaning your erogenous zones are left with a gradually-decreasing tingling sensation.

Electro sex toys are perfect for BDSM play because most of the toys are remote controlled, meaning it won’t necessarily be the person receiving the stimulation who is controlling the action! In addition to being used as a form or reward or teasing, electro sex toys can also be used as a form of punishment. All toys incorporate varying levels of electrical stimulation, from gentle sensations right up to severe, body-spasming jolts. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly safe!  And if you’re looking for a partner to get kinky with tonight, then head over to Kinky Sex Dates the #1 BDSM and fetish dating app on the market!