Why You Should Use AirBNB if You’re Going to Hawaii

5.) Accommodation Costs

From past experiences, one would guess  that the average cost for an AirBNB in Hawaii is probably most likely somewhere in the  $200 to 250 per night area, but you can actually discover many, many more for a much lower amount than that. In fact in March, a single man stayed in a brand spanking new condo with a gorgeous golf course and a view of the sunset for a mere $150 per night. Usually, most Hawaii vacation AirBNB’s can hold 4 to 6 people, making it a great idea for families who need that extra room. The children can have their own room, while mom and dad finally can get a little privacy in their own bedroom.

4.) Meals

Every condo always has well equipped kitchens. Many of these are very nice and contain granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Most of the time they have many extra things such as toasters, blenders, and full-sized coffee makers- and no, not those tiny, 2 cuppers that you find in a generic hotel room. Most condos come with grills, too. So if you ever go fishing in Hawaii and catch a decent sized fish, you can grill that for dinner! So, take a stop at the Safeway or Foodland in Hawaii, pick up a carton of milk milk, some cereal, some fruit, some bread and some cold cuts for lunch and you’ve saved lots and lots of ching – estimating at around at least $20 per person per day.

3.) Washers/Dryers

Believe it or not, these condos come with their own washers and dryers! All of this is meant so that if you like to pack light, well you are in good company because you don’t have to worry about packing twenty different outfits. This is ideal for the ones who just like to… chill.

2.) Beach Towels and Beach Chairs

Hawaii contains dozens upon dozens of beautiful beaches and it’s so great to get the chance to visit these various beaches if you own your own beach chairs. It’s also advised to always have your own cooler of cold drinks in the trunk of your rental car when you’re out  and about, sight-seeing. Every now and then , you can luck out with other luxuries that you’d never ever find in a hotel. In one condo in Kauai, they provide a telescope for stargazing in each room, a sunroom, a Japanese soaking tub, and a remote controlled, surround sound stereo system. Hotels don’t offer any of that.

1.) Privacy and Space

Although this one says it all, itself, yes renting an AirBNB is very convenient for people who love to enjoy their own personal space. In hotels, you always have to worry about the maid popping in to clean the room or the concierge at the front desk constantly calling you to check up on you as if you’re some sort of teenage rebel. If you’re renting a condo as an AirBNB, there is none of this. You are your own boss, you make the rules, you do the cleaning, and you live on your own time.

If you need more reasons to stay in an AirBNB in Hawaii then check out the video below!