Top 3 BDSM Toys That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

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The world of BDSM wouldn’t be half as fun if not for the endless array of toys which are so synonymous with the scene. Very few BDSM sessions take place without the use of some kind of toy, implement or weaponry involved, as these objects are vital in order to restrain, dominate and ultimately give and receive pleasure.

Let’s look at three toys which are sure to give your bedroom antics a little BDSM spice.  All of the toys mentioned are useful for any level of play, from light bondage right up to heavy spanking. Remember to play safe, and don’t do anything without your partner’s consent.

The spanking paddle

The name says it all. The spanking paddle is a short, wooden implement designed for smacking your partner’s behind when they’ve misbehaved. The beauty of the spanking paddle is that it can be used for any kind of severity. Whether your partner craves a few light spanks or whether they’re yearning for some strict discipline, the spanking paddle can be used for either.

Due to the versatility of the spanking paddle, it provides a great gateway toy for more hardcore BDSM play, if that’s the route you choose to go down.

Blindfolds / handcuffs

While they may seem different on the surface, toys which are used for restraint ultimately serve the same purpose: sensory deprivation.

When we think of BDSM, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the image of someone tied up or restrained. Handcuffs are a particular BDSM favorite because they have a natural association with power and being unwillingly applied (think law enforcement), something which excites both dominants and submissives. Handcuffs are also a visual representation of a complete relinquishment of power by the submissive party and, when applied, they reduce the submissive to a powerless plaything.

When it comes to blindfolds, eliminating the visual sense forces your partner to experience you entirely through their other senses, i.e. taste, sound, touch and scent. Sexual acts will feel differently when the visual sense is removed as it forces the blindfoldee to imagine the act being performed on them, and there is nothing more erotic than the imagination.

Electro sex toys

Electro stimulation (known more commonly as electrosex) is a fairly new addition to the world of sexual exploration. Unlike traditional sex toys which are used primarily in the genital area, electro sex toys provide a completely unique sensation. Instead of a gentle vibration, they inflict a sudden pulse of electrical energy. This energy then takes several seconds in order to disperse, meaning your erogenous zones are left with a gradually-decreasing tingling sensation.

Electro sex toys are perfect for BDSM play because most of the toys are remote controlled, meaning it won’t necessarily be the person receiving the stimulation who is controlling the action! In addition to being used as a form or reward or teasing, electro sex toys can also be used as a form of punishment. All toys incorporate varying levels of electrical stimulation, from gentle sensations right up to severe, body-spasming jolts. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly safe!  And if you’re looking for a partner to get kinky with tonight, then head over to Kinky Sex Dates the #1 BDSM and fetish dating app on the market!

Top 3 Bed and Breakfast’s in Hawaii

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3.) Hobbit Hut

Go and step ‘off the grid’, as they put it and onto the land of an Orchard Oasis. Begin each daily journey by checking out this hut which is equipped with fresh fruit, really good coffee, and the ability to stretch out on a beautiful yoga deck. End your lovely day with a nice, hot shower right underneath the stars, a cozy bed, while you dream of tomorrow’s adventures. The site can be found behind the gates of a community located at the bottom of Mt. Ka’ala, which is known as Oahu’s tallest mountain. The renown village of Haleiwa is just five minutes away and contains a ton of shops and restaurants. Many snorkeling, swimming, and surfing beaches are also close and easy to get to.

2.) Cottage Cabin With Ocean View

The luscious guest cottage is incredibly built and conveniently fits just two. It can be found in the chill Upcountry Maui, right on the slopes of Haleakala decked out with some amazing views. Only moments away from the Lavender Farm and the famous Botanical Gardens. It’s also a  tiny distance to the beach. Seated upon two acres of gorgeous tropical gardens, this cottage suite is sensational and quite comfortable. The studio contains its own queen size canopied four poster bed made up with solid, luxurious linens. The private marbled bath includes a giant chamfered glass window that watches over beautiful trees and a vast forest. The bedroom comes with a little refrigerator and a coffee maker. The Gas grill is available for use on the back terrace.

1.) Cottage Suite Hale Sweet Hal

This beautiful cottage is built on top of two acres of lush tropical gardens, the famous cottage suite is gorgeous and comfortable to live in. It is only a couple of minutes away from the Lavender Farm, the Botanical Gardens, and Haleakala.The Cottage is independent from the main house. The house is comprised of two rooms that are listed as the Cottage Studio with Ocean View and the Ocean View Plantation Cottage Suite. The guest rooms are set side by side and each room has its own private entrance and its own private bath as well. The only shared space is the large back terrace or deck. There is seating available on the back terrace for each guest room. This home happens to sit on a property on the lower level. Both of the guest rooms are situated upstairs. A complete concierge experience is what you should look forward to receiving. They are there to organize and book activities, dinner reservations give recommendations, and tell you about all of the beaches and all of the hot spots. They are completely at your disposal. Guests may feel free to take in the almost two whole acres of beautiful garden work and gazebo seating. Breakfast is always served in the main house or out on the back terrace. This is a stay a Hawaii first timer will be sure to never forget. You’ll most certainly have first class, modern resort activities with all the joy of a traditional Hawaiian Plantation style cottage. This is a home that you cannot miss out on.

Check out the video below for more on the best bed and breakfast in Hawaii!

5 Reasons Guys Prefer To Date BBWs

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Let’s be clear about something: BBW doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means. BBW can incorporate anything from those big-booty girls with a few extra pounds to the kind of girls that could easily beat you in arm wrestle.

BBWs are becoming something of a phenomenon in recent years. While stick-thin supermodels are generally considered to be the epitome of beauty, our Google search results are telling us a lot differently. In fact, searches like ‘BBW dating advice’ is one of the most common adult-related searches of the past five years.

So, what makes BBW girls so appealing to guys? Well, there’s quite a few reasons.

#1 – They’re comfortable with who they are

BBW girls don’t try to conform to anyone else’s standard of beauty. They’re their own person. This means that these kinds of girls are usually more open minded, easy going, and won’t hold you to any similar standard either.

#2 – They aren’t afraid to enjoy life to the maximum

Skinny girls tend to worry about their image so much that it prevents them from going out and enjoying the world. If your image-obsessed girlfriend is having a bad hair day, then there’s no chance of you going out with your friends that night. If she’s worried someone might see her without makeup, then you can forget about that rock climbing trek you were planning.

On the other hand, BBW girls are less likely to care if they get noticed with their hair in a ponytail whilst they’re out somewhere.

#3 – You can forget about counting calories

Ever wanted to grab a quick KFC, but your skinny girlfriend made you grab a salad instead? Well, when you’re dating a BBW girl, the overpriced, mediocre salad bar is bottom of the list on places to eat. In fact, she’ll probably be the one to suggest grabbing a greasy burger or a takeout pizza.

There’s no need to worry about upsetting her by suggesting you get dessert either.

#4 – There’s less pressure to keep in shape yourself

As we get older, our metabolism slows down drastically. This means we put on weight a lot easier. At some point, we tend to say screw it, and then let nature take its course.

If you’re dating an image-obsessed skinny girl, she’s going to pressure you into staying at your physical peak. This means constantly hitting the gym, counting your calories and laying off the booze. This is why BBWs are quite a hit with older guys because this pressure isn’t there. They can lay off the gym for a few weeks and they won’t get an ear-bashing.

#5 – They have better personalities

Imagine something for a second. Picture a skinny Instagram model who has social media pages full of pictures of herself. She clearly loves herself. She thinks the world revolves around her. What do you think she’s going to be like as a person?

Vain? Self-centered? Childish?

All of these and more. On the flip side, BBW girls are more likely to be down to earth, making them easier to talk to. They know they’re not the center of the universe, and this will be reflected in her personality.

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